Wall Support Minigarden Vertical

Hang Minigarden Vertical

The easiest solution to hang Minigarden Vertical

Wall Support Minigarden Vertical is a bracket suitable for vertical surfaces to hang Minigarden Vertical safely onto a wall.

It includes 2 stainless steel screws and 2 plugs for wall mounting and special pins to ensure a secure fastening to the tray on Minigarden Vertical.



The Minigarden Vertical modules should also be secured to a wall with the help of Minigarden Fixers which are placed through the round clips on the wall-facing side. Alternatively, screws can be used instead.


In case of hanging up to 3 Minigarden Vertical modules in height, we recommend fixing to the wall the 2nd and the 3rd module, respectively.

The Minigarden Fixers are accessories specially developed to fix the Minigarden Vertical, Minigarden Corner and the Minigarden One to a wall, or other kinds of vertical surfaces.


If you want to hang up 6 Minigarden Vertical modules in height, you should use 2 Wall Support Minigarden Vertical side by side, as shown in the picture, and fix at least the 3rd and the 5th module to the wall.


After installation, Wall Support Minigarden Vertical is discreet and seamlessly integrated with Minigarden Vertical.

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