Minigarden Fixers

Safe easy fit fixings

Easy fit fixings for your Minigarden

Minigarden Fixers were created to secure the Minigarden Vertical, Minigarden Corner and the Minigarden One to a wall, or other kinds of vertical surfaces.

Minigarden Fixers include double-sided high-performance adhesive tape and hardened steel nails, thus there are 2 fixing solutions: glue and/or steel nails.

Design and comfort

This ground-breaking solution, easier to assemble than with screws, makes fixing your Minigarden system on any surface — stone, glass, ceramic and metal — more straightforward.

After securing either Minigarden Vertical, Minigarden Corner or Minigarden One to a wall with Minigarden Fixers, the fixings become invisible, or partially hidden, as they seamlessly integrate with the setup.

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