Minigarden One

So Mini, Yet So Meaningful …

Design and modularity

… and may be suspended on the wall with the Wall Suport Minigarden One.

Your small vertical flower or vegetable garden.

Ideal for small, confined spaces. Very easy installation and no technical knowledge required.

The Minigarden One can be installed very easily indoors or outdoors, from ground level, on a bench or suspended on a wall using the Wall Support.



The modules can be fitted vertically or horizontally, in a single or double-sided structure. Minigarden One modules can also be used in conjunction with the Minigarden Vertical and the Minigarden Corner, increasing modularity and creating new configurations.
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Minigarden One is made of high resistance polypropylene copolymer and includes additives for protection against ultraviolet rays, which allow it to be used in extreme weather conditions (solar radiation and temperature). It has an estimated life cycle of ten years.
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The environment is a constant concern of ours, so Minigarden One is made out of recyclable material.
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Food Safety

Did you know that Minigarden One is made of a material suitable for direct contact with food? Read more >

Wall Installation

Choose the right combination for the desired dimensions.

Now it is much easier to combine the Minigarden One with the Minigarden Vertical and the Minigarden Corner to achieve the desired width for your installation.

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