Case studies

Minigarden modular vertical planting systems have already inspired numerous architects, who have developed unique green wall and vertical garden projects in Hong Kong, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Angola, Canada, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc.

Madrid, Espanha

The Cascade — cascading green leaves in Microsoft indoors courtyard in Madrid

Chile, Mostazal

A powerful living green screen. Passers-by on their way to southern Chile from Santiago can admire a new green experience in the gas station on highway 5 kilometer 62.

EAU, Abu Dhabi

A gargantuan green wall in the courtyard of a five start hotel. Feel nature’s luxury.

Holanda, Eindhoven

An incredible vegetable green wall. Our Urban Green Revolution started out in Eindhoven.

Shatin Park, Hong Kong

One of the first installed Green Walls in Hong Kong.