Minigarden Grow Up

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The essential booster your plants need

As well as irrigation, the quality of nutrition is essential for the healthy growth of plants. Plants grown in the Minigarden Vertical, Minigarden Corner, Minigarden One and Minigarden Basic systems are no exception. In this regard, the Minigarden range of products now includes an innovative nutrition solution for different types of plants and uses, Minigarden Grow Up. Minigarden Grow Up’s main distinctive feature is that it provides plants with full and balanced nutrition.

Minigarden Grow Up and Bug Off nutritional supplements offer everything your plants need for a healthy growth during the most sensitive periods. Minigarden Grow Up offers 3 solutions for plant nutrition, differentiated by the colours green, orange and brown.


Minigarden Grow Up Green

A nutritional supplement for green plants containing all macro and micro nutrients necessary for plant growth in a formula that favours leaf growth.

Minigarden Grow Up Orange

A flowers and fruits nutritional supplement containing all macro and micro nutrients necessary for plant growth in a formula that stimulates the quality of flowering and fruits.

Minigarden Grow Up Brown

A biological nutritional supplement, is an organic extract enriched with micro nutrients for all kinds of plants and geared towards aficionados of biological growing.

Ease of use

Don’t worry about opened fertilizing packs and deteriorating products ever again.


Minigarden Grow Up is available in individual doses, a sachet with 3 grammes to be diluted in 1.25L of irrigation water. Plant nutrition with Minigarden Grow Up is greatly facilitated with the convenience of its format, ease of transport and storage and precise dosing.  

The use of Minigarden Grow Up in the Minigarden Basic and Minigarden Watering Can systems is quite intuitive. Just open a sachet, pour the contents into the removable reservoir and fill with water. The precision of the concentration of the nutrition in the irrigation water is immediately guaranteed.

The versatility of this product also applies to conventional irrigation systems and other irrigation reservoirs:

  • 1 sachet per 1.25L
  • 2 sachets per 2.5L
  • 4 sachets per 5L

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