Minigarden Watering Can

Design and comfort

The Minigarden Watering Can

Minigarden Watering Can, with its modern design, was created to offer more control during manual watering and the nutrition process. It can be used with any home cultivation system, but also with Minigarden Vertical, Minigarden Corner and Minigarden One.

It’s comprised of 3 parts: a 2,5 litre water reservoir, in the same way as Minigarden Basic M, a handle, and a water dispenser nozzle.

Its elegant design enables a comfortable watering and plant nutrition process, unlike any other.

With Minigarden Watering Can, it’s easy to control the amount of water fed to plants because of the possibility to make light adjustments to Minigarden Watering Can’s angle.

Its long, steerable nozzle allows various positions, which facilitate the watering process, and when it’s finished, there’s no dripping.

Nutritional supplements included

Ideally used in conjunction with the nutritional supplement Minigarden Grow Up to cover the essential needs of plants, Minigarden Watering Can has a 2,5 litre maximum capacity.

Minigarden Watering Can includes 2 packs of each Minigarden Grow Up nutritional supplements, which should be diluted in 2,5 litres of water, thus ensuring plants get the correct amount of nutrients.

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