Minigarden Organic Seeds

Technical Specifications

Growing media for Minigarden seeds

You can sow our seeds directly in the ground, in containers, seed beds or Minigarden growing systems.

















































































































Characteristics of Minigarden organic seed packets

Our packets contain a higher number of seeds on average than those of other brands. This means you sow more and pay less.

Symbolism of the Organic Farming Logo

In Europe, Organic Farming is governed by specific legislation:
Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 of 28 June 2007.

As far as organic production and the labelling of organic products are concerned,
it sets out detailed standards and compliance is monitored and certified
by properly accredited bodies.

Organic Farming products, like the majority of Minigarden’s seeds,
can be recognised by the European Organic Farming logo.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic Farming is a means of production aimed at producing food and textile fibres that are high in quality, healthy and promote sustainable practices which will have a positive impact on our agricultural ecosystem. This means that you can help improve soil fertility and biodiversity through the appropriate use of preventative and cultivation methods that include rotations, green fertilisers such as Minigarden’s Grow Up Pure Organic, composting and Minigarden’s organic seeds, among others.


Due to the absence of residue from pesticides and other chemical products, organic products promote a healthier and more natural diet.

They encourage greater local biodiversity through the use of natural products such as Minigarden’s seeds which are used to grow food in urban vegetable gardens, homes or farms.

Studies also suggest that products derived from this type of farming are nutritionally richer than those derived from conventional farming.

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