Minigarden Corner

Every nook and cranny will be forever changed

Design and modularity

The Minigarden Corner modules can be combined in many ways, …

Design and modularity

… and it can also be hung on a wall

Take advantage of every corner in your house

Whether indoors or outdoors, Minigarden Corner breathes new life into every nook and cranny.

Whether for growing aromatic plants in the kitchen or ornamental plants in the living room, Minigarden Corner fits perfectly in your home.



Minigarden Corner sets can be arranged vertically and horizontally. They are also compatible with Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden One enabling many layouts.
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Minigarden Corner is made of high resistance polypropylene copolymer and includes additives for protection against ultraviolet rays, which allow it to be used in extreme weather conditions (solar radiation and temperature). It has an estimated life cycle of ten years.
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The environment’s wellbeing is a constant concern of ours, so Minigarden Vertical is made out of a recyclable material.
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Food Safety

Did you know that Minigarden Corner is made of a material suitable for direct contact with food?
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Mix with Minigarden Vertical

Because Minigarden Vertical is compatible with Minigarden Corner,

you can spread the wings of your imagination and create all kinds of structures to pot your plants.

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I recently got a Minigarden and have since become its biggest fan!

My aromatic plants are the best! I use them on my food as a seasoning, a final touch or just to make tea… an endless array of uses!

I love looking out my window and see them there — just beautiful, simple and incredibly scented! The aroma that fills the house is unmistakable.. a mix of peppermint, parsley and sage!

Diana Bouça-Nova

TV Host

I’ve assembled an aromatic plants garden which was a success.

I immediately became a fan of this product. It’s featured in my book, and I suggest it to everyone who wants to have many plants in a small space in a simple, inexpensive, and carefree way.

Teresa Chambel

Landscape Architect

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